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Ceramic and Glass Fibre
Ceramic and Glass Fibre

PAR Group supply ceramic and glass fibre insulation materials converted into a number of different forms. Ceramic fibre woven fabrics are manufactured from high performance ceramic fibres which are spun and combined with the relevant reinforcing media to improve the tensile strength at higher temperatures. Glass fibre is manufactured from air textured filament glass yarns and provides a high volume of entrapped air giving good thermal insulation. Ceramic fibre offers a higher temperature rating, lower thermal conductivity and a greater resistance to steam over glass fibre. Ceramic fibre products are not suitable for contact with phosphoric or hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis.

Key Features: Resistant to oils, solvents and thermal shock. Excellent thermal insulation and corrosion resistance. Non-combustible, lightweight and not affected by bacterial growth. Good chemical stability.


Fibre Type    Temperature
Ceramic Fibre    Up to +1260°C
Glass Fibre    Up to +550°C

We offer ceramic and glass fibre materials converted into the following forms. Please follow the links for more information.